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Cedar  Waxwing

(Bombycilla cedrorum)

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 Cedar waxwings are welcome visitors to our back yard toyon tree every winter. Their waxwing name perfectly describes their plumage, which is waxy-smooth all over, not just on the wings. They are almost always in the company of a hooligan bunch of robins, in comparison to which these waxwings are elegant and dignified. The two species happily strip the tree of its berries in one or two days and then are gone. Cedar waxwings like somewhat warmer temperatures than their cousins the Bohemian waxwings, and spend the summer in southern Canada and the winter in the southern USA and northern Mexico.

This photo was taken with a Nikkor 80-200 mm f/2.8 zoom with a 2x extender, providing about 400 mm focal length. The film was Fuji Provia 400F pushed 1 stop. The scene was somewhat dark, so I used fill-flash to lighten the shadows.

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The following images were captured with a Canon 10D digital camera in December 2003.

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