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Great  Egret

(Casmerodius [or Ardea] albus)

   The Great Egret, a member of the heron family,  is a common bird in Northern California, where it finds plenty of marshy ponds, lake-sides, and even highway drainage ditches that contain its favorite foods (frogs, snakes, lizards, snails, clams, mussels, etc).  This bird was photographed in downtown San Rafael, a city of 50,000 inhabitants, in the creek (not river) that runs through it. The image was captured on film with Nikon equipment. These egrets are large: a wingspan of over  50 in., and length 32-41 in., the male averages larger than female. As shown by this bird, the bill is yellow, 3.15-5.00 inches long and the legs and  feet are  black.  An image of one of these huge birds flying can be seen here.

    Addiitonal images of great egrets, some in breeding plumage, can be seen here and here.

   For more information about the Great Egret, see: http://www.natureali.com/GrEg.htm  or  http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu/chf/pub/ifwis/birds/great-egret.html

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