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Great Blue Heron

(Ardea herodias)

     These Great Blue Herons are sitting in a nest near the top of a eucalyptus tree in the heron rookery at Morro Bay, CA. In the morning, one can see herons, egrets, turkey vultures, and cormorants, all sharing the excellent roosting branches. When we visited in mid-February, 2004, the herons had not yet laid eggs and some were still in the process of renovating the nests of last year. Great Blues are among the largest of the heron-egret family (46 inches long with a wingspan of 72 inches). In contrast, the Great Egret has a wingspan of 51 inches and the Snowy Egret only 41 inches.

   Below is an image of a Great Blue heron and a Snowy Egret fishing at China Camp in Marin County (27 Feb 2004). The  size difference is obvious. Great White egrets are closer to the Great Blue in size.

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