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Snowy  Egret  Close  Up

(Egretta Thula)

(Digital Photo)

Note that the Snowy Egret has a black beak and yellow feet, unlike the Great Egret,  which has a yellow beak and black feet. The Snowy Egret is also smaller than the Great Egret.

This image is greatly reduced from the original 3000 x 2000 pixel image taken with a Canon 10D digital camera and a Meade ETX-90 telescope as the telephoto lens. The bird was about 100 yards away, but because of the long ETX focal length (1250 mm) and the size of the imaging chip in the Canon (0.6 times that of 35 mm film) this is equivalent to a 2000 mm focal length 35 mm telephoto lens. As a result, the beak of the bird does not even fit the frame. What you see is the entire frame of the image. I took the shot at ISO speed 200, 1/1000 sec, and at the fixed telescope aperture of f/14. Date: 2003-07-12.


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