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Fair & Fireworks

Marin County, July 1-4, 2005

  The annual County Fair, held at the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, California, features the usual assortment of carnival rides, fortune tellers, pie and salsa-making contests, and fast food purveyors. There are also demonstrations of farm animals and at nightfall, fireworks. For me the daylight features were pig races (they race for Oreo cookies) and demonstrations of magnificent draft mules and Clydesdale horses. The fireworks are shot from a barge in the center of a smallish lagoon, so for safety reasons the rockets are not too large and not fired too high. Please click on one of the thumbnails or titles below to go to the appropriate page.

pigrace.startinggate-1.KI8Q5368.jpg (175208 bytes)    clydes-instep.KI8Q5431.jpg (158307 bytes)    ferriswheel.day.wide.KI8Q5284.jpg (168336 bytes)    fireworks.multiburst.good.KI8Q5514.jpg (105951 bytes)

Pig Races & Pig                               Horses & mules                               Rides                                    Fireworks



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