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Other Animals At Point Reyes

September 21, 2007

    After finishing my series of elk shots at Pierce Point, I started back toward Limantour Beach. Before I got out of the Pierce Point area, this young chap crossed the road in front of me and sat blinking in the sun. He looked as though he had just finished a long, hard night.

A closer view...

At Limantour, I passed this mantis on my way to the pond where I usually meet the great blue heron. The 500mm on the 1D2 camera wouldn't begin to focus at the short distance available, so I used the 400mm on the 10D.

At the pond, the GBH was busy hunting and grazing on invisible tidbits.


And finally, on the way out of the park, I almost ran over these quail. They apparently don't know there's a rule against crossing the double yellow line!

And on the other side of the road, this juvenile up in the brush:


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