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Point Reyes landscapes and Scenery

The light house and its 300 steps.

Above: Looking north from the road to the lighthouse.

Above: Looking down onto the rocks north of Chimney Rock, south of the Lighthouse road.

Above: The ocean on the left, with the sea lion cove on the left of the ridge, and Drakes Bay on the right.


Above: Hikers on the cliff at Chimney Rock.

Below: Sea Lions in the cove at Chimney Rock.

Below: Looking down from the cliff at Chimney Rock.

   Below: The vista from Mount Vision. The area suffered a wildfire several years ago with loss of many of the mature Bishop's Pines. These have now been spontaneously replaced with large numbers of young Bishop's

       Below: Looking up the slope of Mount Vision at a burned-over area with new growth above and behind the burned trunks. Taken 2005-01-12.

Above: Gulls at Drakes Beach.

Below: An abandoned boat (The "Point Reyes") at Inverness.

Below: The dacha, a rental cottage on Tomales Bay at Inverness.

Below: A dignified old shuttered house 5.2 miles south of Olema on Hiighway 1.


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