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Point Reyes, Spring 2005

   2005 has turned out to be a banner year for wildflowers in Southern California, with spectacular blooms occurring in Death Valley, Carrizo Plain, and other locations. I drove out to Point Reyes in Marin County (Northern California) to see if we were going to be equally favored. I may have been a bit early, but overall, the wildflower display at Point Reyes seems no better than last year's. And, as usual, the strong winds of Point Reyes contributed to a high degree of motion of the flowers, making it difficult to achieve both good depth of field and sharpness. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day and I came back with a few worthwhile images, not all of wildflowers. As usual, click on the thumbnail or title to go to a full screen image.

goldfields-on-headland.24mm.low+wide.PtReyes.050330.KI8Q3189.jpg (173824 bytes) wildflower.PtReyes.centercrop.050330.KI8Q3150.jpg (126253 bytes) iris.PtReyes.050330.KI8Q3143.jpg (123422 bytes)
Coastal Goldfields Closeup (scroll on goldfield page) Wild Iris
  hawk.PtReyes.400mm.050330.KI8Q3205.jpg (112451 bytes)  
  Peregrine falcon (2 images)