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A Few Animals at the San Francisco Zoo

   On 18 April, I visited the San Francisco Zoo for the first time in several years. The zoo no longer hosts elephants and several other changes had been made since my last visit. I found that the biggest changes were in the primate exhibits. I am not particularly interested in photos of primates, but I did bring home a few other images. Click on any of the thumbnails or titles below.


lion.3-4face.tightcrop-exc.KI8Q3826.jpg (160217 bytes) tiger.fullface.tightcrop.KI8Q3834.jpg (159388 bytes)
Lion Siberian Tiger
peacock.best.KI8Q3887.jpg (151409 bytes) flaminogfeathers.KI8Q3815.jpg (70355 bytes)
Peacock Flamingo


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