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Poppies by a fence

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   A simple but appealing combination of green, yellow, and white, picked up a block from my home in San Rafael, CA with Nikon film equipment. California poppies are good sun-sensors, closing up on even slightly cloudy days. This picture was obviously taken on a sunny day. The following two images were taken by a roadside in rural west Marin County. Poppies are particularly fond of roadsides, partly because people sow the seeds from their cars as they go by. Canon digital 10D SLR camera for these.

    The two images below were captured in April 2005 in Stafford Lake Park, Marin County.

    The above image was taken with a 100-400mm Canon zoom at 115 mm. The image below as made with a 24-70mm Canon zoom at 70 mm focal length.


Poppies from Spring 2010

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