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 Polar Bear Close Up

This visitor to the tundra train is standing up and leaning casually against the car so I can get a close-up portrait. A handsome and winsome fellow, he looks like he would be as friendly as Winnie-the-Poo. NOT! The world's largest land carnivore, these animals have no natural predators except man and can be killed by nothing except man and walruses. Full-grown males weigh 8001200 pounds (slightly larger than grizzlies), females about three-quarters of that or less.

Polar bears have very unusual metabolic adaptations. They can fast for long periods, but are capable of consuming 200 pounds of meat in a single feeding at a whale carcass. After the sea  and Hudson Bay ice melts north of Churchill (June-July), most bears come ashore and consume very little food until the following fall when the Bay freezes over again (October-November). Thus they store enough fat during the winter seal hunting season to tide them over the months from July to November just the opposite of hibernating animals. Bears do not hibernate.