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Brown  pelicans  at   los  islotes

     Near Isla Los Islotes. One of the reasons for the remarkable density and variety of life in the Sea of Cortez is the richness of the food chain. The water of this sea is cold and very deep, filling a rift formed by the Pacific plate's tectonic interactions with the North American plate. Deep, cold water encourages a rich growth of plankton, which provide the base for the food chain and support fish of all types and sizes. The supply of fish, in turn, supports a huge number of sea birds, especially pelicans, frigate birds, boobies, and, of course, gulls.  Some of the small islands in the Sea of Cortez have been isolated from the mainland for thousands of years and unique species have evolved. Because of the biologic significance of the flora and fauna of these islands, many are protected the Mexican government.