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Alabama Hills & Mount Whitney

    Alabama Hills is an area of rounded rock formations just west of the town of Big Pine, CA. It was named by a group of Confederate sympathizer prospectors during the Civil War era to celebrate a victory of the Confederate Navy ship Alabama. (Shortly thereafter, another group, sympathizing with the Union forces, named a town Kearsage, after a similar victory by a Union gunboat.) Lying at the foot of  Mount Whitney makes for some interesting landscape images. This was my first visit to Alabama Hills, so it took a few minutes in the early dawn twilight to find this arch. I checked the GPS coordinates with my small unit and came up with N36 36.825 W118 07.529. I've been told that there are other arches in this area but I did not see them. This one lies just north of the parking lot on the eastern fork of  Movie Road. Several images, please scroll down.



2.  A grab shot of another photographer on the arch to show the scale.



3.  The parking lot where my hybrid is parked and another imager looking for a good perspective on Mount Whitney in the background. Taken in the dawn twilight.



4. The sun has come up enough to create some alpenglow on Whitney and the nearby peaks. 



5. An area strewn with rounded rocks of all sizes. The prominent one in the center ("the nipple") is a landmark for finding the arch. The sun is now fully up and casting distinct shadows.



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