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Death Valley

     We arrived in Death Valley around noon on 18 October and left around 9:30 AM the next day. I took several shots at Zabriskie Point in the early afternoon of the 18th and returned the next morning before dawn (see below). In the late afternoon of the first day, I also visited the sand dunes north of Furnace Creek.

1. The road from the Furnace Creek area down to Badwater. Because our time was so limited I did not go all the way down to the salt flats.



2. A medium focal length view of the sand dunes and the mountains behind them. You can see from the late afternoon shadows that this view is to the north.



3. Another shot of the dunes with the mountains behind them. The dunes cover a relatively small area and move back and forth within a hollow between ridges depending on the wind.



4. A final shot of the dunes.





5. A view toward the north from Zabriskie Point taken in the early afternoon. 



6. A westward view from Zabriskie Point, same time of day as image #5.



7. South from Zabriskie Point. The gulleys are between10 and 30 feet deep.



8. Predawn at Zabriskie Point but looking east, away from the main valley. That's an airplane at the right.



9.  Northwest view from Zabriski in predawn light. A touch of alpenglow is appearing on the western ridge.



10. The dawn alpenglow is now prominent on the western ridge but has not yet touched the foreground.



11. Zabriskie Point. The sun continues to illuminate the ridge in the background.



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