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Hummingbirds of SE Arizona

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Most of the shots at feeders were taken at Miller Canyon, most of those at flowers at Ash Canyon. There were many feeders at both spots but those at Ash were protected from raiding by nectar bats by large wire screens, making photography much more difficult. In addition, feeders were under dense tree cover and dark. Flash with a Better Beamer helped, but at the distances involved, underexposure was common.

Mixed groups (scroll down for individual species):

Individual species below; identifications tentative.

Anna's, Calypte annna:

Blue-throated (probable) immature, Lampornis clemenciae:

Black-chinned, Archilochus alexandri, very common in the canyons:

Broad-billed, Cynanthus latirostris (possible):

Lucifer (possible), Calothorax lucifer:

Magnificent hummingbird, Eugenes fulgens

Below, a series of unidentified hummers feeding on natural food:


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