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Other Birds of SE Arizona

 In addition to the pyrrhuloxia, this page contains white-winged doves, Gambel's quail, painted whitestart, acorn woodpecker, and wild turkey. Please scroll down.

Pyrrhuloxia, Cardinalis sinuatus, in the garden of the B&B:

Below, white-winged dove, Zenaida asiatica, in Ash Canyon

Acorn woodpecker, Melanerpes formicivorus, at Ramsey Canyon

House finch, Carpodacus mexicanus, at Ash Canyon

Gambel's quail, Callipepla gambelii, in the garden of the B&B:

Painted Whitestart, aka painted redstart, Myioborus pictus. It was really dark and he was really far away!

Below: Whitestart mangling up a large moth.

Wild turkey, Meleagris gallopavo. By the road, shot from the car.


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