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Yosemite After the Storm

Crystal Sediment:
"Every peak and dome, every niche and tablet had their share of snow. In vain did I search for some special separate mass of beauty on which to rest my gaze. No island appeared throughout the whole gulf of the beauty. The glorious crystal sediment was everywhere. From wall to wall of our beautiful temple, from meadow to sky was one finished unit of beauty, one star of equal ray, one glowing sun, weighed in the celestial balances and found perfect."
-- John Muir, 1872 --

(Thanks to Michael Stecker for pointing out this quote!)

Above, the view from the door of our room at Yosemite Lodge the morning following the storm.


Above, an owl (Great Horned Owl?) high in a tree next to the Cook's Meadow parking area. With dozens of people pointing cameras at him, he remained totally unconcerned. In fact, he was so imperturbable, we wondered if he was a stuffed specimen. He did move his head once or twice, however.

Above, a path through the woods from Southside Drive down to Cathedral Beach (Frye's location #9).

Above, a view of El Capitan from Cathedral Beach (location #9).

Reminiscent of Ansel Adam's famous images from Tunnel View, the above shows the unsettled air around the valley after the storm. Below, the elm tree in Cook's Meadow, now covered with snow. 

Above, a gorge to the east of Upper Yosemite Fall.

Above, trees near the El Capitan picnic area (Frye's location #1).

Above, the view west from Cook's Meadow near the chapel.

The morning of our departure was clear and I grabbed a few shots as we drove out of the valley. An apron of ice had formed on the cliff below Upper Yosemite Fall and large areas periodically broke loose from the rock making a noise like an avalanche cannon.

Below, a closer view (400 mm) of the ice facade.

Above, El Capitan on the left and Cathedral Rocks on the right, from Valley View (Frye's location #5)



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