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Yosemite Before The Storm

Above, Half Dome from Cook's Meadow (Frye's location #12). Only a few patches of snow at the top of Half Dome and none on the valley floor. You can monitor conditions in the valley 24 hours a day at the Yosemite Association's website, http://www.yosemite.org/vryos/index.htm .

Above and below, a California ground squirrel near the chapel (near Frye's location #11). Shortly after capturing these images, a coyote sauntered through the parking area. I grabbed a different camera with a longer lens, fumbled the settings, and missed some very nice shots!


Above and below, Bridalveil Fall from Bridalveil View (Frye's location #4).

Below, the Merced River in Yosemite Valley looking more like fall than winter. The winter of 2006-07 has been very dry so far and warmer than average except for a few weeks.

Below, a sundog observed in the clouds beginning to form the day before the storm.

Another view of Bridalveil Fall from across the valley. Mist is forming around the Cathedral Rocks in preparation for the storm.

 These images from Frye's location #4.

Below, two views of the valley from Tunnel View (Frye's location #8). Note the prominent double-layer lenticular clouds.



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