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Yosemite During the Storm

The major snowfall during our stay started in the late afternoon and became heavier during the night. We awakened to a classical "winter wonderland." The following images were captured during the afternoon at the beginning of the snowfall and before the grasses in the meadows were completely covered. At Tunnel View, a considerable amount of snow had already fallen.

Above, the famous elm tree in Cook's Meadow (Frye's location #12). The camera is looking east towards Half Dome, which is made invisible by the driving snow.

Below, turning the camera around toward the west from the same location in Cook's meadow.

Below, the chapel on the south side of Cook's Meadow, near Frye's location #11. The snow was quite heavy and wet and fell in clumps rather than flakes.

Below, a spot on Yosemite Creek below the falls.


Above, a temporary lull in the snow at Valley View (Frye's location #5) looking straight east.

At the higher elevation of Tunnel View (above), the snow had started earlier and had already loaded the trees quite heavily. The above view is looking down the slope from the parking and view area.

While walking back from the base of Yosemite Falls (Frye's location #13), several deer came loping through the woods.


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