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Yours truly

Brown Pelicans

at Elkhorn Slough

Brown pelicans are far more numerous than the larger white pelicans at Elkhorn. We saw only a few feeding, since the tours took place between 9AM and 12 and between 2 and 4PM, whereas prime feeding times are earlier in the AM and later in the PM when the fish are closer to the surface. Nevertheless, some of the pelicans spent a lot of time flying around, so we got many flight shots.


Below, trying to land without competent air traffic controllers! No fatal crashes were observed.


Below, a pelican starting his takeoff flap.

Below, three pelicans. The middle one, with the red gular pouch under his beak, is a male getting his breeding colors.

Below: A line-up of backlit pelicans.

Below, a group of pelicans sittin' by the dock o' the bay.

Below, a male with a red sign that says "I'm ready!"

Below, a pair of pelicans moving across the sunset seen from the Moss Landing Beach. Several other pelicans and possibly a few gulls also in view.


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