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Moss Landing and

Elkhorn Slough Environment

Below, a very small part of the harbor at Moss Landing. The town is marked by two huge smoke stacks on the east side of Highway 1, which cuts through this very narrow town. 

Below a few kayakers out on the slough for a close look at some of the wildlife. Mostly pelicans and gulls observing them from the shore.


In the afternoon, we were surprised to hear some gun shots from the mud flats. It turned out to be duck hunters and later we saw this hunter with his retriever in the bow making their way across the water.

Sandholt Road, the major road through the harbor area, has mostly docks and marine businesses, plus one large restaurant. However, there are a few old houses, one of which is shown below.

Much of the California coastline is public land and there are many state and local beaches. I watched the sun set from Moss Landing Beach, just north of the turnoff into the harbor.

Our group of intrepid imagers on the tour boat. The boat carries twice as many passengers on regular tours but for photography tours like ours the number is limited to one per seat, so there is room for gear (including the very large lenses that you see here).

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