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Other Birds At Elkhorn Slough

Several images, please scroll down

Above, a typically grouchy-looking great blue heron sitting in the mud flat at low tide. I believe that ruff that he's resting his chin on is his folded-up neck. Below, a pair of American avocets. We saw a number of avocets feeding on the mud flats but no black-necked stilts, which are usually found in the same areas.

Below a great white egret.

Below, a Western Grebe.

Below, a long-billed curlew.

Below, a marbled godwit.

Below, a sandpiper. Lots of these small shorebirds feasting in the low-tide mud.

Below, a male surf scoter. Definitely an odd-looking duck! Quite  few of these around Elkhorn.

Below, a female surf scoter. A more conservative dresser than her mate!

Below, a shot from the harbor at Elkhorn the night before our trip: a juvenile red-tailed hawk watching the action.


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