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Sea Lions and Harbor Seals

There were quite a few sea lions and harbor seals in the Moss Landing harbor. The sea lions kept up a constant raucous barking when congregated in groups, but this lone, older bull, seems to be admiring his reflection in the water. I call him Narcissus.

A raft of sea lions churning up the water. The small external ear (one of the distinguishing features of sea lions as opposed to seals) can be seen here and more clearly in the image below this one.

Another sea lion who seems to be scratching his neck with his front flipper. Or maybe it's someone else's foot. Anyway, his tiny external ear is clearly visible here.

A bunch of sea lions in the harbor, at least one yapping away....

Switching species here to harbor seals. Lots of these guys around also.

Below, a very relaxed harbor seal resting on the mud bottom in very shallow water.

Below, a couple of harbor seals with a single sea otter. We think the sea otter was taking a rest from the attentions of the male otters in the vicinity.

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