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The Pleiades, M45, in Taurus

   The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, have been known as an important asterism to every civilization in every era. The blue haze results from the reflection of starlight from the dust surrounding the hot stars.

CCD September 2004




 Astro-Physics 130 f/6 EDF at f/4 on 1200 GTO mount. A set of vanes was placed in the 

  dew hood to create the diffraction spikes.  Camera: SBIG ST-10XME.


 20 frames at 1 min each RGB with Astrodon filters.


 Calibrated and combined in MaxIm 4, final processing in PhotoShop                                  


Film January 2001

     This image is passable: the blue nebulosity around and below Merope (lower left corner of the quadrangle) is beginning to show up. Considerable stretching was needed.

 Date  2001 January 14
 Scope  Astro-Physics 130 EDF f4.5 with field flattener on G-11 mount   
 Exposure  Kodak PPF-2, 1 @ 20 min with Tokai filter; 1 @ 20 min without filter 
 Processing   Registered in RegiStar, stacked and stretched in PhotoShop



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