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The North America nebula (NGC 7000), 

in Cygnus

    The North America Nebula (NGC 7000) is a massive (120 arcmin x 100 arcmin) emission nebula that lies close to the star Deneb and the Pelican nebula. (The beak of the pelican can be dimly seen in the lower right corner of this image.) There is some disagreement about the distance to NGC 7000, with the SED database giving 1600 lightyears (about the same as Deneb) and the Night Sky Observer's Guide (see Books in Links) listing about 3000 ly. 

 Date  2001-06-17
 Scope  Astro-Physics 130 EDF  f4.5 on A-P 1200 GTO mount   
 Exposure  Kodak Supra 400, unhypered, IDAS filter, 60 minutes   
 Processing    Levels adjusted in PhotoShop, grain reduced in BGSmooth