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IC 2177,  The  Seagull  Nebula,

In  Monoceros

     This is a tough target! The version shown here (one of many) is a peculiar combination of an RGB image as the color information and an Ha-GB image as the luminosity layer. Not surprisingly, it looks overprocessed and the color is off, but the less processed versions were a lot worse! 

     Also known as the Gum 2 nebula, IC 2177 is very large (120 x 40 arcmin) and quite dim. It was an excellent test object for my Nikkor 180 mm manual telephoto lens. 

 Date  2003-02-05

 Nikkor 180 mm lens at f/4  with ST-10XME CCD camera (Mandel adapter) at -15 C piggy-backed on the 

  A-P 1200 GTO  mount.   Guided with the ST-4 guider on a guide scope.         


 12 x 10 min H-alpha (1x1 binning); 5x10 (1x1 binning) and 4 x 10 min (2x2 binning)  R, G, and B.

  SBIG filters in SBIG CFW-8 filter wheel.   


 Raw frames debloomed with Wodaski's Debloomer plug-in. Stacked and RGB combined in 

  MaxIm 3.09 with R=1.2, G=1.0, B=1.65 weighting. Registered in RegiStar. 

  Stretched with levels and curves in  PhotoShop  7.0.    



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