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IC 1396, In Cepheus

RGB (top image), H-alpha + RGB (bottom image)

    IC 1396 is a gigantic hydrogen-alpha-emitting cloud of gas in the northern sky Milky Way that I return to periodically. An earlier H-alpha CCD image with additional details can be seen here and an much older film image is here

 Date  2004-08-17, 18

 Nikkor 180 mm telephoto at f/5.6 on ST-10XME (Mandel Adapter) and 

   CFW-8A color wheel.   Piggybacked on the 1200 GTO mount and guided 

   with the internal guide chip.         


 14 five minute exposures with each filter and 1x1 binning with regular Custom 

   Scientific SBIG RGB filters in SBIG CFW-8 filter  wheel.   


 Raw frames debloomed with Wodaski's Debloomer plug-in. Stacked, combined, 

    in MaxIm 4.03. Stretched with levels and curves in  PhotoShop CS.  The red

    master frame was then added as a luminosity layer in Photoshop. Noise reduction      

    with Kodak Digital GEM Pro.


    The above image consists of the RGB frames used in the top image plus H-alpha frames collected on 21 and 22 August.  I like the H-alpha + RGB version better.


 13 ten minute H-alpha exposures plus 14 five minute exposures with the RGB filters;    

  all with 1x1 binning .   




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