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M8, The Lagoon Nebula, 

in Sagittarius

  This image of M8 was made immediately after receiving my repaired CCD camera back. Compare to the recent film image HERE  made while the camera was being repaired. The difference in resolution is obvious.


 2004-08-03, 04. 


 Astro-Physics 130 EDF, f4 (A-P 0.67 reducer), on A-P GTO 1200 mount; SBIG ST-10XME

  CCD camera; internal guide chip. MaxIm 4.03 camera control.


 RGB tricolor; 20 x 5 min red; 18x5min green; 18x5min blue. Flat and dark calibrated. 


 Levels and curves applied in Photoshop CS. RGB layer duplicated and desaturated to

  provide a luminosity layer. Luminosity then sharpened with unsharp mask.

  RGB layer saturation increased and the two layers flattened, resized, and converted to jpeg.


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