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Five  Planet  Line-Up  2002



          A similar visible alignment of the inner planets will not occur again until 2040, so a lot of film was used up recording this event!


  April  19    

   (Move your mouse over the image to show labels)

   This image was taken with a Nikkor 24 mm lens on 

   a Nikon F100 camera mounted piggypack on the 

   telescope. Exposure on Kodak Royal Gold 400 film 

   was approximately 8 minutes at f4.5. Unfortunately, 

   Mercury does not show well at this scale and resolution, 

   but it's there! A higher resolution (171 KB) image can 

   be viewed HERE.   (As Jerry Lodriguss points out, 

   there's also a sixth planet in this picture: Earth! See Jerry's  

   beautiful image at  





  May 1

   (Move your mouse over the image to show labels)

   Note how the planets have bunched up in only 12 days.

   This image was taken with the camera mounted 

   on a tripod, using Konica Centuria 800 film, the lens 

   zoomed to approximately 30 mm focal length, and an 

   exposure of  15 seconds at f4.0.



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