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Perseid Meteors, 12 August 2005

     The constellation Perseus is off the image to the left. Here we see a meteor leaving the comet's dust trail and heading toward the area containing the Andromeda Galaxy, lower and to the right (large fuzzy white object). This image was captured with a Canon 1D mark II camera and Canon 50 mm lens @ f/2.8, using an ISO speed of 1600 and a 5 minute exposure. Considerable red pixel noise was corrected in Photoshop although some residual noise is obvious in the lower part of the image. 

Below is an image that includes the Double Cluster in Perseus (two bright clumps of stars at left) the meteor, and M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, just ahead of the meteor. High clouds partially obscured this image (streaks extending up from the bottom). Mouse over: Move the cursor over the image to identify the major stars and galaxies.

   These were the best of 3 separate meteor captures extracted from more than 100 images taken automatically with a Canon timer release. The camera was mounted on an A-P tracking mount.


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