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21 June 2005

    On June 21, 2005, I returned to the southern part of San Francisco Bay, visiting the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge near Alviso and then coming back by way of the Palo Alto Baylands park. A large number of young birds were evident. The following are a few of my images (please scroll down). All images captured at ISO 200 with a Canon 1D mark 2 camera and Canon 100-400mm L IS lens with a 1.4x extender.

Baby avocet in one of the ponds.

Barn swallows in nest. I think these are young.

Adult avocet, in breeding plumage, flying over water.

A tern, probably Common Tern or Forster's Tern, hovering over water looking for fish.


A huge colony of great egrets and snowy egrets in palms at Palo Alto Baylands. A mix of adults and young. How many can you find in this image. I think there are at least 23 birds.

And finally a rabbit, probably a brush rabbit. At Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge near the Visitors' Center. Compare the length of the ears and legs to the jackrabbit, here.


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