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Birds of the Palo Alto Baylands (California)

     Even more than most other parts of San Francisco Bay, the southern part has been severely reduced by filling for housing and industry. Nevertheless. the birds still come to the remaining marshes and wetlands. Palo Alto hosts a small park called Baylands, that includes a pond and an area of open marshes and tidal flats. I visited on 25 April 2005 and brought back images of a number of water birds. Initially confused by the remarkable coloring of the lores (area just in front of the eyes) of breeding egrets, I was given invaluable egret ID help by Arnel Guanlao. Thanks, Arnel!

All images were captured with a Canon 1D mark II camera and a Canon 100-400 mm L IS zoom lens, with or without a 1.4x extender. Please click on the thumbnail or title below to go to the corresponding page. Each page has multiple images.

egret.snowy.inPalm.plumesUp.crop.KI8Q4297.jpg (136092 bytes) egret.great.flight.KI8Q4158.jpg (52434 bytes) bcnHeron.560mm.KI8Q4068.jpg (123817 bytes)
Snowy Egrets Great Egrets Black-Crowned Night Herons
avocet.onnest+spouse.crop.KI8Q4353.jpg (135186 bytes) ruddy.duck.crop.KI8Q4305.jpg (104015 bytes) mallard.male.KI8Q4337.jpg (96099 bytes)
American Avocets Ruddy Duck Mallard  Ducks

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