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Sandhill Cranes and Other

 Birds of the San Joaquin Valley

cranes.ingrass-marsh.sunny.9510.jpg (140164 bytes) geese.snow-ross.flying.9701.jpg (104285 bytes) ibis.inmarsh.MercedWLP.9778.jpg (227679 bytes)
Sandhill Cranes Snow Geese White-faced Ibis
greatblue.MercedWLP.9805.jpg (109996 bytes) ducks.northernshoveler.landinginfog.9656.jpg (122425 bytes) swans.Tundra.Isenberg.9290.jpg (124863 bytes)
Great Blue Heron Northern Shoveler Ducks Tundra Swans
redtail.onground.9501.jpg (143317 bytes) kite.white-tailed.9518.jpg (40671 bytes) kestrel.american.9486.jpg (94068 bytes)
Redtail Hawk White-tailed Kite American Kestrel

My wife and I visited the Lodi / Los Banos area of central California in November 2004 to photograph birds at several wildlife preserves (WLP): Isenberg Crane Reserve, Cosumnes WLP, Merced WLP, and several other sites in the region. On the second day, we hiked around the Cosumnes area with Paul Aranda of the "Sacramento FM'ers" group. Great fun thanks, Paul!

These sites combine agricultural lands and wet lands, ideal wintering sites for migratory wildfowl from Oregon, Washington, Canada, and Alaska. All images were taken with a Canon 10D camera and a Canon 100-400 L IS zoom lens and 1.4x extender unless otherwise indicated. Because of mostly dark and foggy conditions and the slow lens aperture, the ISO speed was set at 400 for most and even 800 for some images.


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